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“You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” Hata sayfası çözümü

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Eğer böyle bir hata ile karşılaşıyorsanız wordpressde yapmanız gerekenler çok basit. wp-config dosyanızı açın. ve linkde vereceğim değerleri bu dosyadaki değerler ile değiştirin.


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In English:

If your WordPress install is a non-English version, and you haven’t changed the default authorization keys inwp-config.php to something else, it’s possible that the WPML install will fail and prevent you from logging into the admin area with a message in your language with a meaning similar to ‘.’

To prevent this issue and be able to install WPML without problem, please first change the four authorization keys on your wp-config.php to something else. You can use the following link to create a set of four random keys ready to be pasted into your wp-config.php:


Changing these keys will cause all logged in users to be logged out, forcing them to log in again the next time they access your blog. Other than that, there are no ill effect.

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